Add Community to your site created via VS Extensions

Set the playground After you have successfully followed Ted’s tutorial on how to create a site using almost nothing else than Visual Studio. Next thing what is in your work queue is to add EPiServer Community functionality on top of this. Add Community via Deployment Center One of the way is old-school – via Deployment Center. First of all you may even be able not to see your site there (regardless that you have added it to IIS). While surfing of EPiServer source code using surfboard with Reflector sticker on…

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Chasing for NullReferenceException in EPiServer Relate+

This is a blog post telling a short story about one of the developer’s nightmare beast hunting case – System.NullReferenceException. Hunting Game Starts Once up on a time I received an interesting issue regarding user authentication in one of the projects. Issue description was telling that it was not possible for the users to login to the site. We were using EPiServer Relate+ in that particular area of the application. At least I had something for the exceptional case on production server. Following message was observed in local Windows…

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