Pizza Architecture

Baking Round Shaped Apps with MediatR

This post shows all the necessary changes I had to make to convert original pizza solution to use MediatR library (+ also converted to NetCoreApp 2.0).…

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Baking Round Shaped Software - Mapping to the Code

This part of the round shaped software blog posts as promised will be about mapping the theoretical terms and ideas mentioned in previous post to the actual code fragments and components. Application for the Post To move further and map theory to the code, I've created really simple sample application for managing the users. To demonstrate mediator internals and round shaped architecture - we will stick with hand crafted mediator. Mediator will be able to handle commands, queries and events. In the application you can: enlist existing users (for the…

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Baking Round Shaped Software

This is the story how I discovered clean, understandable and maintainable software architecture. Why it's round shape and not pentagon, hexagon or any other *-gon shape? In this blog post I'll guide you through my journey. This part will cover theoretical side. Next blog post will map it to the code. Classical Architecture Agree that we all have been taught about N-tier/layer application software in high schools, universities or between the pages of some software development magazine?! Where order and most importantly dependency direction was stressed as one of…

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