Year in Review

This is perfect timing for a busy people like us in IT industry to stop by and look back on the path that has been walked and some good things accomplished. Below is a short summary of things that I hope you will find useful and beneficial in your own way. This is an experience had this year within my lovely industry, company I'm working in and with people around me. Github Move I was using git and GitHub particularly as open source project repository quite a while. Once you…

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Why I felt in love with Ghost

I was running Wordpress. Backed by MySQL. On Azure. It turned out to be not so pleasant experience. Then I switched to SQL Azure. With some help from Barndoo to add abstraction layer on top of DAL for Wordpress. It's was running well enough. Then I found out about Markdown. I compiled some simple hacks to make Wordpress to love Markdown as much as I did. Eventually we came to conclusion and Wordpress engine accepted by pressing. It was so for around year. So far so good. But still -…

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