Asp.Net Mvc Areas - Packed as NuGet

If you would want to add Asp.Net Areas support to your EPiServer site, you would need to copy some files from my previous blog post. Copying files from someone's blog posts seems to be good idea, but it's a bit problematic in case of updates or changes. If so, then we share common vision that by installing NuGet package, your project gets up-to-date support for Asp.Net Mvc Areas. For that reason I packed up Asp.Net Mvc Areas support into NuGet package, for you guys. You may just…

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Overview ImageResizer is one of top choice library when it comes to optimizing media assets in web context. EPiServer 7.5 introduced really cool feature Asset and media. You need to thank and follow Martin Pickering hard work to get both of these worlds working together which involves a bit of hacking here and there. Recently I got sick of repeating these steps from project to project and came up with a package of NuGet. Package gently modifies your web.config file in order to add new plugin to the…

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