.Net Core

Some smaller updates for DbLocalizationProvider

Localization provider is well and alive. Lately I've been heads down busy with porting some of the parts over to .Net Core targeting .Net Standard version 2.0. Anyway just wanted to let you know some of the smaller updates and fixes for the latest version of the provider packages. Multi-Target -> NetFx and Core Now there are specific multi targets for .Net Framework and .Net Core for and packages. This was required due to reported issues when package was used context together with WebApi (to be more specific…

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Alternative Localization for Asp.Net Core Applications

Asp.Net Core Built-In Support This is code fragment from official documentation how to localize content using built-in functionality. App Content Localization [Route("api/[controller]")] public class AboutController : Controller { private readonly IStringLocalizer<AboutController> _localizer; public AboutController(IStringLocalizer<AboutController> localizer) { _localizer = localizer; } [HttpGet] public string Get() { return _localizer["About Title"]; } } And if you are working with Html content that shouldn't be escaped during rendering - you are using IHtmlLocalizer implementation that returns LocalizedHtmlString instance. public class BookController : Controller { private readonly IHtmlLocalizer<BookController&…

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