Small Enhancement for Feature Folders

Great colleague of mine Māris Krivtežs wrote blog post about feature folders describing code organization into folders by features or functional areas rather than technology or different grouping. However, one of cons from Maris' approach we couldn't reconcile with - name of the sub-feature folder needs to follow Mvc controller naming convention. "Another issue is related to the sub-feature folder naming. Sub-feature folder still should be called with the same name as a controller." So I made tiny adjustment to the view engine worth sharing. Adjusted code is…

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Asp.Net Mvc Areas - Packed as NuGet

If you would want to add Asp.Net Areas support to your EPiServer site, you would need to copy some files from my previous blog post. Copying files from someone's blog posts seems to be good idea, but it's a bit problematic in case of updates or changes. If so, then we share common vision that by installing NuGet package, your project gets up-to-date support for Asp.Net Mvc Areas. For that reason I packed up Asp.Net Mvc Areas support into NuGet package, for you guys. You may just…

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Asp.Net Mvc Areas in EPiServer - Part 2

Asp.Net Mvc Areas is a great way to organize and structure your EPiServer site. Once you have multi-tenant site where the same EPiServer installation with the same set of libraries, styles, script set and other assets is handling more than single site - Asp.Net Mvc Areas become really handy to group particular site's specific assets and other stuff together under single folder. This also gives developers more obvious and more clear picture of the project setup. However we all know that there is no native support for Asp.…

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