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Content Area - Under the Hood, Part 3

This is last blog post in series under the hood of Content Area. In this blog post we will take a look at how and what exactly could be customizable while content area is being rendered. Where and how developer can hook in, what can be overridden and controlled. Parts in this series: – Part 1: Registration and Discovery – Part 2: Template Selection – Part 3: Extensibility Overview Following parts and pieces can be customizable, changeable or replaced by other code completely: Change renderer - It's possible to change they guy who…

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Content Area - Under the Hood, Part 2

This is second post in series of EPiServer Content Area feature. This time we will take a look at how render templates are selected. In the first part we looked closer on how templates get discovered and registered in Template Model Repository. Selection of the template is one of the most important fragment of whole rendering pipeline for the content area. This part of the process may turn out to be one of the most non-understandable and kind of black box component (reviewing questions on the EPiServer World forum). But…

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Content Area – Under the Hood, Part 1

Lately I was visiting and revisiting content area, code and functionality around this feature in EPiServer and decided to revisit it once again and take a closer look at what’s really inside. So the blog post is not about what content area is, but how it works, how responsible party for rendering and templating is selected when EPiServer needs to render this one of the most powerful content editing feature. This is a multi-part blog post series about what happens under ContentArea property in EPiServer. Parts in this series:…

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