Breaking Change in ImageResizer EPiServer Plugin

Usually I don't post small changes in separate blog post, but I think that it's worth to mention breaking changes in latest ImageResizer (IR) plugin for EPiServer. Before If you are using Fluent API to resize the image, then you may face inconsistency in API. Passing in null or ContentReference.EmptyReference you will get an ArgumentNullException exception: @Html.ResizeImage(null, 100, 100) However, if passing in string.Empty for the another overload - you would get back empty string: @Html.ResizeImage(string.Empty, 100, 100) Why this is bad -…

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ImageResizer Plugin for EPiServer v10

ImageResizer.Net Plugin for EPiServer v10 is released. ImageResizer.Plugins.EPiServerBlobReader got version 5.0.0. "Old" NuGet package for EPiServer 9.x is updated with upper version constraint fix. Now plugin package v4.2 has upper EPiServer version set under v10 exclusive. Note About Image Preview That was quite "interesting" experience to realize changes in EPiServer.Web.BlobHttpHandler. This is eventually the guy who is responsible for returning Blob back to the client. A bit more details below. Background First of all a bit background.…

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Overview ImageResizer is one of top choice library when it comes to optimizing media assets in web context. EPiServer 7.5 introduced really cool feature Asset and media. You need to thank and follow Martin Pickering hard work to get both of these worlds working together which involves a bit of hacking here and there. Recently I got sick of repeating these steps from project to project and came up with a package of NuGet. Package gently modifies your web.config file in order to add new plugin to the…

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