Year in Review

This is perfect timing for a busy people like us in IT industry to stop by and look back on the path that has been walked and some good things accomplished. Below is a short summary of things that I hope you will find useful and beneficial in your own way. This is an experience had this year within my lovely industry, company I'm working in and with people around me. Github Move I was using git and GitHub particularly as open source project repository quite a while. Once you…

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Asp.Net Mvc Areas in EPiServer - Part 2

Asp.Net Mvc Areas is a great way to organize and structure your EPiServer site. Once you have multi-tenant site where the same EPiServer installation with the same set of libraries, styles, script set and other assets is handling more than single site - Asp.Net Mvc Areas become really handy to group particular site's specific assets and other stuff together under single folder. This also gives developers more obvious and more clear picture of the project setup. However we all know that there is no native support for Asp.…

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