Episerver ContentArea with AllowedTypes Specified by Interface

Background Once an interesting question was asked on Episerver Community Slack space how to work with ContentAreas and specifically [AllowedTypes] and specify restrictions based on interface. My answer wasn't quite helpful there and also I'm quite passionate about looking into the foreign code and understanding how platform is built - so I decided to write up a bit expanded version of the answer. According to aforementioned question you might have for example page type with following ContentArea definition (based on AlloyTech sample site): [ContentType(GUID = "19671657-B684-4D95-A61F-8DD4FE60D559")] public class…

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Create Your Library Configuration API for EPiServer

Time comes when you need to extent EPiServer functionality by providing your own library with new or modified functionality. I'm big fan of configuration via code. Which may give you possibility to configure some features with LambdaExpression, e.g. () => true to ensure that you are able to set feature's state on or off during runtime. This opens up quite interesting scenarios that I'm going to cover soon enough in other blog post. Anyway, what I'm looking for is to make sure that my library consumers can do something like…

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