Azure Functions

Year in Review

This is yet another period of the year when you pause a bit and look back. I've been taught to be in the present moment and not to look in the past or try to predict the future, but nonetheless it's a way to thank you all great people around me. Episerver has a great ecosystem and great community, I am very thankful to both. Spare time projects is great way to achieve something, to help other fellows and sharpen a bit your own technical and soft skills. This was…

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Fix Logging in Azure Functions when Reusing Your Component

There are cases when your project follows hype and you face the case when you need to reuse your component in serverless world. This blog post is about how to fix logging (I picked Common.Logging, but actual implementation does not matter) when reusing some of your components in Azure Functions. Existing Component Most of the time I see that transition to functions or serverless computing is not done by rewriting component that does black magic and delivers business logic, but instead - just referencing it and invoking from function.…

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Episerverless = Episerver + Azure Functions

I did talk about this topic couple times solo, and also together with Henrik Fransas in Episerver Partner Close-up in Stockholm this year. Received lot of questions regarding source code availability and also about recordings of the session(s). Unfortunately there are no recordings of the conferences I/we were. So I decided just compile together a blog post. Objective Idea for the conference talk(s) was to show how you can integrate Azure Functions with Episerver and how that nicely plays together. There are zillions problems to solve with…

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