I was running Wordpress. Backed by MySQL. On Azure. It turned out to be not so pleasant experience.

Then I switched to SQL Azure. With some help from Barndoo to add abstraction layer on top of DAL for Wordpress. It's was running well enough.

Then I found out about Markdown. I compiled some simple hacks to make Wordpress to love Markdown as much as I did. Eventually we came to conclusion and Wordpress engine accepted by pressing.

It was so for around year. So far so good. But still - I felt that something is not perfect. I got those feelings that something is holding me back and I'm not able to focus on content and writing completely. I had to deal with various SEO plugins, run update stuff almost every week for plugins and themes. Until I hit 4.2.2 version of Wordpress. I thought it's enough. My database was in corrupted state after Wordpress provided me gently to upgrade database schema while accessing it's admin section.

After few quarters I found Ghost among others. I felt in love.

And here I am. Slowly moving all content over to here.